Howdy Folks!! In case you’re wondering, here are links to everything I’ve published thus far. I will keep it updated! Please enjoy.

The Toast, “Ode to Dana Scully”:

Jezebel, “Sister Ping”:

Jezebel, “The Ambivalent Visitor’s Guide to the Killing Fields”:

Jezebel, “Sayyida al-Hurra”:

TVBuddy, regular contirbutor:

The Butter, “Literary Ladies Cage Fight” series: (this also has my earlier Toast/Butter stuff)

Jezebel, “Cheng I Sao”:

A Radical Notion, “‘Every Young Woman’s Battle’ is Not Mine”:

The Archipelago, “My Life in Second Position”:

The Hairpin, “You Are Not a Descendant”:

The Toast, “Happy Birthday, Kurt Vonnegut”:

The Toast, “Benedict Cumberbatch and the Eternal Appeal of the Byronic Bad Boy”:

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