Full name: Laura Mae Sook Duncombe

Birthday: September 3

how to contact me: leave a comment! Or email at

The short version: I am a licensed attorney in the state of Massachusetts, although I don’t currently practice law. I live in Oklahoma with my incredible husband, my amazing sons, and a betta named Nemo.

The long version: Here are some facts about me!

favorite book:  “The Adventures of Huck Finn” by Mark Twain is the best book of the 19th century, “Slaughterhouse 5” by Kurt Vonnegut of the 20th, and so far “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” by Michael Chabon of the 21st. I just realized that two of my favorite books have the word adventure in the title. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I like it.

favorite food: pizza. I would seriously eat it 3 meals a day if I could. Once in college I seriously contemplated eating a piece of pizza out of a box in the trash. I did not ultimately do it. But I would have.

favorite movie: How can you pick? I have a very nuanced list-favorite musical, favorite drama, etc. but that’s too confusing for even me to follow.  That said–I love “Shakespeare in Love,” “High Fidelity,” “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” “Aliens,” and “Legally Blonde 2:Red, White, and Blonde,” among many others. “Star Wars” goes without saying because the original trilogy (and “The Force Awakens”) are the best movies ever of any genre, hands down. I am a hardcore Star Wars nerd. Ask me about the Expanded Universe books!

favorite TV show: “X-Files” of all time, but runners up include “Glee,” BBC’s “Sherlock.” “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries,” “GLOW” and “Call the Midwife.”  Also I am addicted to “Law and Order: SVU”. You would think that working as a public defender would cure me of that, but no. Still love it.

favorite color: Pink. But not the song “Pink’ by Aerosmith.

favorite band: The Beatles. And I know it’s cliche but I don’t care. I discovered them, okay? Nobody has ever loved anything the way I love the Beatles.

favorite season: SUMMER! I actually violently hate winter with every bone in my body.

favorite animal: mermaid.

favorite Supreme Court justice: Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is a badass and makes me proud to be a woman.

favorite ink color: blue. I can’t write with black pens. It’s a problem.

favorite city: Paris! I know it’s cliche but it’s true. I love it. Always have. The art museums, the sidewalk cafes, the walks along the Seine, the narrow roads, the tiny shops tucked away in corners…it’s full of mystery and romance and light. And if you’re a student, you can get a 5 Euro seat at the Opera Garnier! In a box! And pretend you are a countess whilst sipping champagne and ogling all the people in the other boxes, who are in all likelihood students like you, but could be EXOTIC and FABULOUS.

favorite mode of transport: My bike, Alma II. I had an Alma I in law school, we were tragically parted, and I spent three years searching for her. I finally found another red Sears-Roebuck free spirit one-speed pedal-brake bike on eBay, ordered it immediately, and our reunion has been joyous and delightful.

favorite celebrity crush: Adam Driver. The man is insanely talented.

favorite guilty pleasure: getting comments on my blog! (Shameless plug, I know. But I like to know people are reading what I write.)


questions? Drop me a line!

8 responses to “Bio

  1. Susan Sanders

    While Googling Cary Grant just for the hell of it, and to avoid working on my dreaded synopsis, I came across your piece, You are Not a Descendent. First, what a great title and hook! It gets me thinking, so thanks for the pitch lesson. Every day can be a lesson, even when one appears to be farting away time to avoid doing the work an agent has requested!

    I was told during a great writing conference this weekend that I MUST start a social media presence, and today made me appreciate why. A writer never knows how or why someone may stumble upon their work. I just hate the grunt work of it all!

    I enjoyed reading your piece and will happily subscribe.

  2. Allebn Still

    !Viva Grace O’Malley!

  3. Fabulous interview on NPR. Im buying the book and want the movie! I envy your success as a struggling writer myself. Continued success. Ben Davol

  4. Laura, a writer friend of mine, Tom Verde offered this Muslim woman “pirate queen” for your consideration

  5. The latest issue of the Mother Warriors Voice has an article about your pirate book. The Mother Warriors Voice is a mamas activist newsjournal put together by volunteers at the Mothers Organizing Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Low income mamas do the writing, research, artwork and layout. We’d love to send you a copy but would need your postal mailing address.

  6. Kathy Emanuelson

    Just listened to This American Life podcast about women Pirates, and bought the book! Considering a new retirement plan…jk. Are you by any chance the Laura Sook who lived for a few years in Clark’s Summit, Pennsylvania and danced at Scranton Civic Ballet Company?
    Best to you!

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