Hi Everyone!!


I am getting ready to leave on my BOOK TOUR (can you tell I’m excited?) and also trying to get a synopsis of my next book into my agent by Friday, so things are super busy around here. However, I have time to offer a quick PSA–Black. Sails.

Are you watching it yet? Probably not. I don’t know too many people who are. Here are a few objections to the show (with my very helpful rebuttals):

O: I don’t like pirates!

R: Sure you do! (But if you don’t, this is also a great history show about the 17th-century British Empire, the slave trade, the Caribbean, and other cool stuff. Not just pirates.)

O: I don’t have Starz!

R: You can get Starz streaming online for $8 a month! That’s less than a coffee and a cookie at Starbucks! And the whole series is there and available to watch. No skipping from itunes to netflix hunting down a complete show!

O: There’s so much good TV, I don’t have time.

R: There’s only 36 eps total! And the last season is happening right now, so you will soon have the whole show under your belt. Doesn’t it feel good to complete something?

O: But I love Game of Thrones!

R: Oh come on, it’s jumped the shark and you know it. Besides, there’s like an infinity until the next season! You can watch this entire series before then! And it’s actually sort of similar to GoT, in that it’s got a sprawling plotline, epic fighting, and lots of gratuitous nudity.

O: I don’t enjoy shows with complex, nuanced portrayals of women!

R: Get out. You are not welcome here.


But seriously y’all, the women on this show! It’s incredible. Okay, the first season has a whore who is a rape victim, and that’s not great for a number of reasons, BUT her storyline gets WAY BETTER! And there are women businesspeople, women pirates, women with agency, women with storylines, women who are more than props! It’s just nuts. I read a great essay called When There Are Enough Women, and although it relates to “Mad Max: Fury Road,” I feel it applies here. Like, not every female character has to represent Womankind because there are so many, they can all be their own actual people! Crazy, no?


Watching this show feels so good. It’s like being handed a tall glass of cool water when you didn’t even realize you were thirsty. I’m honestly surprised it’s not more of a cult hit, given how quietly (and heck, not quietly) subversive it is. At a time when gender roles are such a hot topic, this show is a welcome balm to my suffering heart. Just watching Anne Bonny skulk around in her big hat and not say much feels so good. She’s like, “why do I have to justify my presence? I am menacing and I have a big sword. I deserve to be here.”

We all deserve to be here. And this show reminds me of that. So go check it out!! And then, for more piratical fun, come see me on tour in Boston, Chicago, New York, DC, Dallas, Los Angeles, Portland, and San Francisco! Check the “appearances” tab at the top of the page for more info.

Stay cool, my friends. Take care of each other. See you soon! Yar!



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2 responses to “BLACK SAILS

  1. Carlina Rodriguez

    Hi Laura
    Any plans to visit the Florida Keys? Its home to Blackbeard and many other “pirates”.


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