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Short Update

Dear All,


Sorry there was no regular blog post this week! I was in Mexico at a wedding. I learned something very important–




felt like I was doing that by limiting my facebook checking and tearing myself away from the news for chunks of time, but I wasn’t really. And I was starting to get burned out. And we are only three weeks in! We need to stay engaged for the long haul. BUT! The good news is, there are millions of us ! You don’t have to shoulder the entire Resistance by yourself. You can take an entire day off from FB and the news!! Take two!! Really re-charge your batteries. I didn’t talk about political stuff for three whole days and it was ridiculously glorious. Now I am home and FIRED UP again!!


Also, I am ready for my book tour and book reviews and to really dive deep into research on book #2! So, it’s all happening, folks. You heard it here first 🙂


Remember, you are wonderful, you are loved, you are doing a good job, and I am here for you!!




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Very exciting!

I have been quoted in an article for the Tampa Bay Times! It’s a story on pirate food, and I was considered enough of a pirate expert to drop some pearls of knowledge. Take a look!

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