Movie Monday

Hello All,

A quick one today because it’s President’s Day (aka Washington’s Birthday) and Tom and I have some shopping to do!

First, a shout-Out to the cast and crew of “And then there were None”. You did a wonderful job and I thoroughly enjoyed the show!! Thanks for a great Valentine’s Day.

I saw three movies this weekend: The Last Five years, Thelma and Louise, and I Do I Do I Do (a Hallmark original). Worst first:

“I do I do I Do” is basically Groundhog Day, only for a wedding. A woman has to relive her terrible wedding until she gets it right (aka Marries the Groom’s Brother Instead). This movie was laughably silly, as all Hallmark movies are, but the real gem was that a major plot point in the film is the hot brother teaching the girl how to swim. Which he does, in a lake. Did I mention it’s a valentine’s Day wedding? I wager there is no place ON EARTH where you can learn to swim in a wooded lake on 2/15. I tweeted at Hallmark about this blunder…as yet, no response 🙂

last five years was incredible. Damn near perfect, actually. My best friend and I discovered this CD as 16 year olds and were OBSESSED for roughly 2.5 years. We went right from Moulin Rouge to this. It seemed like this album laid bare all the truths about love–from dizzying highs to lowest lows–and someone had let us in on the secret. It has shaped more of my views on love than I’d like to admit 🙂 so I had some baggage coming in, suffice to say.

There are some too-long lingering shots a la Tom Hooper in Les Mis. Anna Kendrick’s voice is not 100% up to this (extremely demanding) role. In the beginning, their obvious lip-synching bothered me (because these songs are HARD, yall, and their faces showed none of the exertion necessary to sing them.) But all in all, a gorgeous, faithful representative of the original. Some songs, notably the Schmuel song, I watched on the edge of my seat, experiencing them as if for the first time. It was amazing.

Towards the middle, the perspective gets a little muddled for a minute. Tom and I actually had to pause it once to figure out if we were in Cathy’s or Jamie’s timeline. (Tom didn’t even know the concept–you know my story). It’s not s lingering problem, but it does jar you. Also, the conceit of the show (she goes backwards he goes forwards) is not explained in any way shape or form, so if you had no idea (and weren’t watching with a friend) you might be horribly confused for a second.

It was great to watch it with a newbie, because I forgot years ago that some of this is funny! Cathy’s audition, for example, had Tom guffawing. I was delighted by his reaction. I sort of relived my first time hearing it with him.

Jeremy Jordan is wonderful. Funny note–his real life wife Ashley Spencer (SPOILER ALERT) plays his mistress. I could see that conversation: sure, babe, make this intimate movie with a Hollywood star. But I will play your mistress. 🙂

Go see it! What are you waiting for!!!

Lastly, Thelma and Louise was on TV last night. That movie is so damn good. Every time I watch it, I get mad at how topical it still is. Why have we not advanced in our rape culture wars to a point where it seems dated and silly to have to go on the run post-rape because nobody will believe you weren’t “asking for it”? I am ashamed at how much I enjoy when they blow up the tanker. Violence is never the answer. But it sometimes feels like that’s the only way to get heard. And those women get HEARD.

Let’s make more movies like that, Hollywood? It is a travesty this is THE feminist movie. We deserve more than one!! Maybe if we had more, this 20+ year old one wouldn’t still feel so timely.

See you later, gators!!! Stay warm out there.

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  1. Courtney

    While I agree with most of your sentiments regarding Last 5 Years, I feel the need to clarify that most of the songs were sung live, 11 of the 14 to be exact. If I had to wager a guess, the 3 that weren’t were Summer in Ohio, Moving Too Fast, and “I Can do Better Than That”.
    Did you love that Sherie and JRB made cameos? I wish they’d gotten Norbert to be in it as well.

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