Friday Book Club-Paper Towns by John Green

Hello Everyone!!!

So, I haven’t been sleeping at all. Like, not falling asleep until at least 4am. So, please forgive any lack of eloquence on my part. But-like the US Mail, there’s nothing that can stop my love for FRIDAY BOOK REVIEW!!

This post is very special because it’s my first review of my new FAVORITE YA AUTHOR EVER, John Green. (Sorry, Sarah Dessen, you had me for almost ten years. But I still love you!) This is not my favorite book of his, but it’s a great one. Enjoy!! (and go read all of his books, seriously. Right now. Your boss will understand if you run out of work right this second to grab them all at your local library.)

BOOK: Paper Towns by John Green

ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: guy chases his manic pixie dream girl, both literally and figuratively.


New Girl meets Song of Myself (this is sort of a cheat-since it’s featured in the book, but the sprawling, wanderlust-y greatness of the poem really captures the feel of this book.)


FRIENDS! Like, honest-to-heaven pinky-swear best-friends-forever friends. So many YA books are all about the romance with some flat wingmen thrown in, but this book’s most memorable scenes involve interaction among close friends. Male friends, at that. John Green is the master of the buddy-rom-com, and this is him at his finest in that respect.


Piazza, New York Catcher by Belle and Sebastian


Sated. In a, gosh, what a great book, I remember being a teenager and also I’d really like to take a roadtrip now and/or call my best friends and tell them I love them kind of way.



This book. Oh, John Green, you’ve done it again. Quentin, who goes by “Q”, has a long and sordid history with his neighbor, Margo Roth Speigelman. After one wild night where they break into Sea World and avenge various wrongs via some madcap capers, Margo vanishes. Her parents aren’t worried, but Q totally is. He enlists the help of his best buddies, Ben and Radar (whose parents own the second-largest collection of black Santas) to find her. I really don’t want to say too much more about the plot, because I don’t want to give it away. So just read it!

This book refused to let me go. I tore through it, on tenterhooks to find out how it ended, but then after it was over, I found myself lying awake, replaying my favorite scenes and wondering what came next. I really, really wish Mr. Green would write a sequel. (This is fairly uncommon for me. Not that this book is incomplete, but WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ALL OF THEM!!!) I can’t say enough about the real-ness of this book. Even though I am not a dude, and this book was about dudes, I still loved it. There were some serious laugh-out-loud moments and OMG-honey-let-me-read-this-out-loud-to-you moments. John Green nails so many things-the longing for love, the desire for authenticity in a sometimes fake world, the realizations that friends are the best freakin’ things ever and more permanent than anything else that comes from high school…I related to this book in a major way.

I must say, in all fairness, that Margo Roth Spiegelman was somewhat of a cypher to me. I am not saying dudes can’t write chicks (and John Green has created several wonderful heroines-Hazel Grace Lancaster, anyone?) but Margo seemed like more like an idea of a girl than an actual girl. I think that’s part of the point-nobody really knew her, just like we often don’t know those we crush on (like, what do I really KNOW about Benedict Cumberbatch? What would we have to talk about, if I ever met him (besides how pretty he is)?)  but Margo is not drawn to suggest hidden depths. She’s the center of the action, but I’m never really rooting for her.

But Quentin. And Radar. And, to a lesser degree, Ben. I love you all so much and I wish we had been friends in high school. I would roll my eyes while you played your Halo-esque video game, but I would love you all the same.

John Green makes me want to be a better writer. He effortlessly demonstrates all that realistic YA can be-hilarious, poignant, touching, and ultimately, transformative. I can’t say much more than that. But seriously guys, go read it. And then read all the rest. Like right, right now.


Happy memorial day!! I’ll see you all on WTF Wednesday (sorry to take two Mondays off in a row. I will make sure the first Monday I’m back is super-duper!!)

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