Friday Book Club-the Inaugural Issue

Good morning world!

it’s Friday, and do you know what that means? BOOK CLUB!!!!!!! I have always loved book clubs, except I could never get in one that the people were as hyped up about the book as I was. The club meetings were ten minutes of cursory discussion, followed by fifty minutes of discussions about boys/clothes/makeup. (Until I went to St. John’s College, which is in essence a 4 year book club. ❤ u, SJC!)  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE talking about all those things, but NOT DURING BOOK  CLUB PEOPLE. So, now that I have this blog, I can talk about books as long and as loudly as I want. The format of this post is still up for discussion-have ideas on how it could be better? Let me know!

BOOK: Shut Out, by Kody Keplinger

ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY: (how could one ever boil a book down to one sentence? Yet I am asked to do it all the time. To be contrary-this category will be populated with really vague sentences, just bland enough to pique your interest. Like a fortune cookie.)

To end a rivalry, high school girls go on a sex strike. (yes, you HAVE heard this before)

IT’S BLANK MEETS BLANK: (when people pitch movies, they’re often asked to submit it in this format-aka, it’s Jaws meets The Notebook, or something similar. This amuses me: why can’t it be all it’s own? And, I like coming up with really silly “meets”)

It’s “Lysistrata” meets “Someone Like You” by Sarah Dessen

SNOWFLAKE FACTOR: (as in, what makes this book unique…like a snowflake. Get it?)

refreshingly frank talk about female sexuality

SOUNDTRACK:  (pretty self-explanatory)

Spice Girls


pretty amped up on GRRL POWER after reading this book.


This modern re-imagining of Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata” is really great…for younger folks. (I know, you’re saying, well Laura, you read YA, you should have known!) But much YA is readable for As as well as Y-As. This one was not. Keplinger was 17 when she published her first book, “The DUFF”, so she’s a younger author, which is AWESOME and AMAZING but I was really feeling my age here. The plot is the classic battle-of-the-sexes, with a heavy dose of girl-power involved. The girls start the sex-strike in order to stop the stupid rivalry, but in the end, they learn Important Lessons about Being True to Yourself and Not Getting Pressured into Sex. Which is super, super important. Obviously. Women are not allowed to talk about sex, not even with each other. Oh, we can have Cosmo and other raunchy mags, but that’s just to learn how to please our partners, not to please ourselves. Female pleasure is majorly taboo, and this book highlights that in a big way. I wanted to like this book so much? I really did? But it just felt so…overstated. I was like, oh my GOSH we get it, there is no “normal” and nobody should make you feel guilty about how you feel about sex, HOWEVER you feel (like it/hate it/not sure/etc.)!!! I just couldn’t get involved in the story or the trials of the girls because I felt like I was being preached at.

Maybe if I had read this in high school, when sex was mysterious and scary, instead of as a married woman, I would have like it much more. I feel like I want to send it to my younger cousins and see how they feel about it. I’m so conflicted, because I ❤ the subject matter, but just didn’t think it was handled very deftly. But I applaud Ms. Keplinger’s efforts for bringing it up. I hope that other authors continue the conversation. Because, no matter how old I get, girl power never goes out of style. I wish I could say the same about my Caboodle, glitter eye shadow, and lip smackers.


Perhaps I shouldn’t have written my first book report on a book I wasn’t nuts about, but I just finished it last night. I made a resolution to read 52 books this year, AKA 1 book a week, so this was this week’s installment. (I’m at 23, by the way, which is good, I guess. I originally wanted to read 100 books this year, but then I realized that was two books a week, and I a)work full-time, b)am working on my own book, and c)volunteer 10 hours a week, so I scaled back my resolution. Discretion is the better part of valor and all that.) So! Join us Monday, when I talk about my very own book and the things I’ve learned about getting it published!

Happy trails,



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  1. Abby Lane

    I just started a book club at my work. Everyone voted on The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Have you read it?

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