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Welcome to my new blog!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for joining me here on my new blog. It’s been brought to my attention that to be a writer in the 21st century, one must have a fabulous blog-so here is mine! (applause) Those of you who remember my “Adventures of Singapore Sue” blog from my travels in Southeast Asia-sorry. This one is much less interesting. There are 100% fewer pictures of monkeys. Hopefully I can make up for the lack of flora and fauna by offering much more content! This blog should be updated at least twice a week, and I’m aiming for Monday/Wednesday/Friday. So stay tuned!

You may ask yourself, after reading this far: who is this girl? And what is this blog?

Good questions!

1. My name is Laura Sook Duncombe, and I have a writing problem. (Hi, Laura.) I have been creative writing for as long as I remember (I vividly recall concocting new adventures starring the Ninja Turtles, in which April O’Neill, intrepid reporter, got to do more than screech and be rescued) but I have finally written a book! Like, a real-live-honest-to-God novel for young adults. And for people who read young adult fiction (like myself and most of my friends). So, for all human beings, really-just about young adults. The novel follows the adventures of my brilliant heroine, Finley Clark, as she navigates the perils of trying to get into an Ivy League school, pleasing her parents, being “perfect”, and falling in love, though not necessarily in that order. It involves explosions (1), kisses (several), and girl power (too much to quantify). I’m quite proud of it. Stalwart fans may know that this is not strictly my first novel-in high school I scrawled (by hand!) a tome about a young man named Parker who loved comic books called Superhero. Alas, that book is generally terrible and I am not seeking to publish it at this time. 🙂 So Rejected (my second first novel) is the book I am trying to publish. Besides being a writer, I am also a lawyer, wife, daughter, volunteer, sometimes actress/singer in local community productions, avid reader, enthusiastic stress baker, Christian, dork, friend, Broadway lover, traveler to exotic places, and activist (also not necessarily in that order). I’m really glad that you found your way here, no matter how you did. I believe with all my heart that using your voice is important, and I’m grateful you’ve allowed me to share my voice with you.

2. This blog is going to be a little bit of everything. It will primarily concern the efforts to publish Rejected (Oh! I just realize how funny it’s going to be to get rejection letters for a book called Rejected! “Dear Ms. Duncombe, we regret to inform you we are rejecting Rejected…”), but it will also be about other things I love: my husband, my family, movies, books, and activism. It might be a bit ranty sometimes, but it will usually be humorous, and hopefully worthwhile. Want to hear about something? Leave me a comment! Don’t like what you read? Leave that, too! I want to hear from you. This is meant to be a dialouge between me and the world, not just a monolouge. If I wanted to talk to myself, I could just amble about in my bathrobe, mumbling. No need to take that to the internet 🙂

For a few more silly facts about me, check out my “about me” page.

Anything else? Let me know! See you Wednesday!



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